Is It Too Soon For Another Spiderman Movie?

When it comes to super hero movies Hollywood likes to make a blockbuster – rake in the dough – make a couple of sequels and then rinse and repeat. After recently watching “The Amazing Spiderman” directed by Marc Webb I’m left feeling amazed that they managed to make a new movie that was JUST LIKE the 2002 series minus the “stars.” I mean after all they replaced Toby McGuire who had starring roles in movies like Pleasantville and Cider House Rules prior to starting the Spiderman series with UM, well, who is that guy in the funny costume.

I’m all for remakes when they offer something new, in fact, I’m really excited to see the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Series scheduled for release this July. This grittier series blew away the previous versions of Batman by taking a darker perspective that broke away from the campiness seen in former films. In 2013 we can look for a new Superman series to launch which will also be directed by Nolan. The last time we saw a Superman movie was in 2006 with the disastrous releases of Superman Returns and Superman II. Another remake I’m excited to see this year that is removed from the superhero genre is “Total Recall.” This film was originally made in 1990 and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. The new version looks to offer a fresh story line with A list actors and bucket loads of special effects.

With Spiderman’s suit barely back from the cleaners I’m left wondering; wasn’t it too soon to make another Spiderman movie? The former series just wrapped up in 2007 and the new version left me feeling like, UM just been there and done that and hey the previous Spiderman series was better by the way. What do you think?

Following are before and after movie trailers:

2002 Spiderman

2012 The Amazing Spiderman

1990 Total Recall

2012 Total Recall