Poolside French Nails

I spent this Saturday celebrating a friend’s graduation at a poolside party.  To create a nail look that went along nicely with my weekend plans I stuck to a clean french manicure look with a touch of blue to match the chlorinated hues that would be in my midsts.  I had considered getting a little more complex with the design by adding some stamping  but quickly decided it may be better to stay simple.  For one thing, have you ever noticed that swimming seems to eat away at your mani’s and pedis more quickly then anything else.

The supplies I used to create this style are seen/listed below (from left to right):
1) Sinful Colors Nail Art in Anxious Azure – you can find a nice assortment of nail art colors at Walgreens for only $1.99 a bottle.
2) Zoya’s Purity – an absolute staple (Find online at zoya.com or ulta $8)
3) China Glaze Afterglow – This pearly pink color is a lovely color for french manis and it offered a nice blue color undertone that helped set off the azure accent color. (Find at Ulta $8)
4) OPI RapiDry Top Coat – This is a breakaway from my usual Seche Vite but I found that this top coat works really well and provides thorough nail protection (Find at Ulta $8)
5) Kiss Nail Art paint in white (Find at Walgreens in nail color sets / typically $7 – $10)
6) Nail Stickers – these provide a nice clean french mani tip (Find online on e-bay for $5 approx)

Creating an at home french look is simple with the use of the nail stickers – Thumbnails can be seen below – ha ha – you’ll get the joke in a second:

1) First I painted the nail in China Glaze – let dry and then applied the nail sticker template. To ensure that the sticker would not pull off any base polish I pushed against clothing and removed a couple of times before putting on nail.

 2) Next step was to use Zoya Purity to paint the tip of the nail:

3) Finally I removed the tape and freehanded the azure nail art line to add a touch of blue:

Added top coat and walla – almost done.  I say almost because I decided to do a matching pedi to go with it.  I followed the same process on the big toe nail; however on the little toes I just freehanded a white nail art line at the tip of each nail and underscored it with the Azure color instead of using the template.