Is It Too Soon For Another Spiderman Movie?

When it comes to super hero movies Hollywood likes to make a blockbuster – rake in the dough – make a couple of sequels and then rinse and repeat. After recently watching “The Amazing Spiderman” directed by Marc Webb I’m left feeling amazed that they managed to make a new movie that was JUST LIKE the 2002 series minus the “stars.” I mean after all they replaced Toby McGuire who had starring roles in movies like Pleasantville and Cider House Rules prior to starting the Spiderman series with UM, well, who is that guy in the funny costume.

I’m all for remakes when they offer something new, in fact, I’m really excited to see the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Series scheduled for release this July. This grittier series blew away the previous versions of Batman by taking a darker perspective that broke away from the campiness seen in former films. In 2013 we can look for a new Superman series to launch which will also be directed by Nolan. The last time we saw a Superman movie was in 2006 with the disastrous releases of Superman Returns and Superman II. Another remake I’m excited to see this year that is removed from the superhero genre is “Total Recall.” This film was originally made in 1990 and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. The new version looks to offer a fresh story line with A list actors and bucket loads of special effects.

With Spiderman’s suit barely back from the cleaners I’m left wondering; wasn’t it too soon to make another Spiderman movie? The former series just wrapped up in 2007 and the new version left me feeling like, UM just been there and done that and hey the previous Spiderman series was better by the way. What do you think?

Following are before and after movie trailers:

2002 Spiderman

2012 The Amazing Spiderman

1990 Total Recall

2012 Total Recall


Magic Mike Inspired Memory

I recently had a girls night out and my friends and I went to see “Magic Mike” a movie about a 30 something stripper coming to terms with the realities and disadvantages of his lifestyle.  The movie itself was just ok but no one can deny that this film’s value was mostly held in the eye candy that it had to offer.  The film had me reminiscing about my own experience with visiting a male strip club in my early 20’s when I was also going through a turning point of sorts.

Back then was just a humble shoe girl working a summer job at Kohl’s and spent my days fetching boxes from the back stock room and making sure everything on the floor was neat and orderly.  What could have been a very dull job was actually a great deal of fun since I was working with a bunch of other kids my age.  My shoe world BFF, Jenny,  was arranging a road trip to Wisconsin to visit a adult male venue at a place called the Sugar Shack.  When Jenny approached me with the idea I was initially hesitant but had recently gone through a break up with my very first long-term boyfriend so figured I was up for a little excitement that might take my mind off things.

The strip club offered much of the same “entertainment” value that was seen in the Magic Mike movie.  There were group performances and individual acts that provided a very “theatrical” experience.  I seem to remember that a policeman and fireman played a very important part of the show.  My favorite and most memorable part was when our waiter had me take off his shirt which I got to keep as a souvenir.  I still have that shirt to this day and for the past 10+ years it’s had a place tucked away in the back of my closet –  I just can’t seem to part with it.  It’s not the strip club itself that was really memorable but the whole experience reminds me of a simpler time in life when there was less responsibility, more time for friends and adventure.

Sugar Shack souvenir shirt seen below:

Deep Thoughts: Could I survive a zombie apocalypse?

**** Warning – Walking Dead – Spoiler Alert ****
If you have not seen seasons 1 & 2 of the Walking Dead – do not proceed. This blog posts makes reference to a character who has bit it, or rather, has been bit / eaten.

Could I survive a zombie apocalypse?  With flesh eating psychos running around Florida this has become a legitimate question and is no longer the stuff of fiction.  A drug called “bath salts,” a cross between meth and acid, is accused of turning people into flesh eating monsters.  This drug was blamed for an incident in Miami when a 31 year old man, Rudy Eugene, was found chewing the face off a homeless person in May 2012.  Several other flesh eating incidents have also been reported over recent months which people are referring to as “zombie” attacks.  This has me wondering about my falcuty’s and if I’m ready to face the world’s impending doom.

Over the years I have conducted thorough zombie research and picked up the following valued lessons:

1) Keep up your cardio (Zombieland)
2) Always double tap (Zombieland)
3) Don’t look for shelter at your local pub (Shaun of the Dead)
4) Watch out for others who may be hiding bites and scratches (Walking Dead)
5) Stay away from zombie herds which are most likely to be found in the city (Walking Dead)

Since I’m armed with such valued information it seems like I may be in a good position to ward off a zombie attack.  To be certain, I visited the Walking Dead website to take the “which character are you” personality test.  I carefully considered and answered each question only to find, much to my dismay, I’m the old man of the show, aka Dale.  This did not sit well with me, in season 2 his character wandered off into woods and found himself serving up his intestines for zombie dinner.  I had to take the test again and reconsidered my answers thinking perhaps some more violence was in order.  My second attempt resulted in T-Dog a slightly better, yet still undesirable result, this character is flighty and makes stupid mistakes often.  With my third attempt at the personality test I let the zombies have it.  If it came near me I shot it, I acted first, thought later.  The results showed I had turned into a pure psychopath and most closely resembled Shane, a hot-headed cut throat who only has his best interests at heart.

The author of the Walking Dead graphic novels, Rober Kirkman, said in a good zombie story the characters will transform so much throughout the duration you will hardly recognize them in the end.  After my several attempts at this test I have to wonder if the results showed what the evolution of my personality would be in a zombie apocalypse.  To help me come to grips with the fact that I may not survive a zombie attack or may even become one myself some day I’ve created my zombie persona online as seen below:



Snow White The Bad Ass

During my childhood I would not have imagined that Snow White was the type who would run around the forest mugging people with a band of outlaw dwarfs. Hollywood has taken our fair skinned princess and turned her into a renegade bad ass who prefers kissing the town’s local drunk over the prince. This new portrayal of Snow White has come across in numerous re-invented versions of the story this year seen on both the big screen and television.

The “Mirror Mirror” version crossbreeds Snow White with Robin Hood showing the princess taking up with a merry band of dwarf robbers to steal the people’s money back from the queen. Snow White is no longer the princess who needs to be rescued but rather finds herself rescuing everyone else. A similar scenario plays out in the more pubescent version of the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Snow White escapes the castle with the aid of a widowed drunk who apparently just needs love to set him sober. As in the Mirror Mirror film, Snow White learns to fight and goes up against the queen to win back the kingdom. In the television show “Once Upon A Time” we once again see Snow White as a thieving rebel running wild through the forest where she eventually meets and falls for her prince. In the televised version there are no dwarfs to be found and the alternate reality shows the prince as someone who is already married and has conveniently forgotten about his wife, thanks to a coma, allowing him to fall for Snow.

There may be no harm in the fact that Snow White is being shown as a strong independent woman who battles against the queen. It may not bother anyone that the dwarfs names have been changed from the likes of Sleepy, Happy and Grumpy to Coll, Gurt and Duir or gone missing all together. Perhaps the more realistic take that the “Prince” comes with baggage instead of a crown will better set a little girl’s expectations around what she might encounter in real life. As I continue to see these new versions of the story I’m starting to forget the details of the childhood version. It’s as if the old story isn’t quite good enough for today’s world and is being re-written by recreating it in a new way over and over again and we will soon forget the original.

Here’s a test for your memory, do you recall how the original Snow White story ended? How was the queen’s murderous endeavors put to an end? Following is a link to the children’s story for a refresher:

Children’s version

The 50 Shades of Grey Obsession


“Why is ok for my wife to read her porn out in the open by the pool, but I have to hide in a dark room somewhere and watch it on the internet.” This is a comment I recently read in my Facebook news feed in reference to the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” by EL James, a British author. I first heard of this novel through a 20/20 episode and listened to the interviewer ask questions like “why is there so much sex in this book.” Before I knew it, I was overhearing comments about the novel everywhere I went, in the office, at the gym, in the salon. I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to see what all the fuss was about. A few short days later I had read all three books in the series and learned a few things about kinky sex. It was hard not to when the formula for the novel went something like this: Story, Story, Sex, Sex, Kinky Sex, Story, Sex, Sex, Kinky Sex. These novels go well beyond romance and into erotica.

What’s truly interesting, is that both men and women are so open about the fact that they are reading these kinky novels. My sister was recently on a flight to New Orleans was asked on a date by the man sitting next to her who had been reading the 50 Shades book throughout the entire flight. Soon after I heard about this, much to my dismay, I learned that my mom, dad and boss were all reading them too – OMG! It’s really amusing when people who don’t know much about the books start asking for feedback about them on Facebook, “Is 50 shades any good?” and “Does someone have a copy of 50 Shades I can borrow.” Really, if they knew any better, they wouldn’t ask for reviews since it’s sort of along the lines of asking for a critique on porn or to borrow someone’s dirty video. All jokes aside, once you get over all the shocking sex stuff, I found the story pretty enjoyable, the characters were fascinating. The book is good brain candy or, perhaps for some, inspiration for spicing things up. A question that really lingers with me goes back to the Facebook comment I mentioned in the beginning, is reading these books an example of something that should be private but perhaps has become overly public?