Mello Yellow: Nail Inspiration

With school out for the summer I’m ready to take in the sunshine and bask in the glow of the great sunny outdoors.  This inspired me look for nail designs from around the webs that reflect my new mellowed out mood.  Following are some of the favorite looks I found:

1) Grapefruit Nails 

2) Wild Leopard Nails

3) Cherry Nails

4) Galaxy Nails

5) Nicki Minaj Inspired Nails


Poolside French Nails

I spent this Saturday celebrating a friend’s graduation at a poolside party.  To create a nail look that went along nicely with my weekend plans I stuck to a clean french manicure look with a touch of blue to match the chlorinated hues that would be in my midsts.  I had considered getting a little more complex with the design by adding some stamping  but quickly decided it may be better to stay simple.  For one thing, have you ever noticed that swimming seems to eat away at your mani’s and pedis more quickly then anything else.

The supplies I used to create this style are seen/listed below (from left to right):
1) Sinful Colors Nail Art in Anxious Azure – you can find a nice assortment of nail art colors at Walgreens for only $1.99 a bottle.
2) Zoya’s Purity – an absolute staple (Find online at or ulta $8)
3) China Glaze Afterglow – This pearly pink color is a lovely color for french manis and it offered a nice blue color undertone that helped set off the azure accent color. (Find at Ulta $8)
4) OPI RapiDry Top Coat – This is a breakaway from my usual Seche Vite but I found that this top coat works really well and provides thorough nail protection (Find at Ulta $8)
5) Kiss Nail Art paint in white (Find at Walgreens in nail color sets / typically $7 – $10)
6) Nail Stickers – these provide a nice clean french mani tip (Find online on e-bay for $5 approx)

Creating an at home french look is simple with the use of the nail stickers – Thumbnails can be seen below – ha ha – you’ll get the joke in a second:

1) First I painted the nail in China Glaze – let dry and then applied the nail sticker template. To ensure that the sticker would not pull off any base polish I pushed against clothing and removed a couple of times before putting on nail.

 2) Next step was to use Zoya Purity to paint the tip of the nail:

3) Finally I removed the tape and freehanded the azure nail art line to add a touch of blue:

Added top coat and walla – almost done.  I say almost because I decided to do a matching pedi to go with it.  I followed the same process on the big toe nail; however on the little toes I just freehanded a white nail art line at the tip of each nail and underscored it with the Azure color instead of using the template.

The Groupon Trap

A few years ago I got caught up in a “fake purse” phase.  There was an outbreak of underground parties where vendors would go to a person’s house and sell knock off designer goods.  There would be dozens of tables with piles of purses and I would sift through all the items trying to find “believable” knock-offs at a great price.  Even if I didn’t want a purse I got caught up in the time sensitive pressure of the situation and the feeling that if I walk away from this great deal I will never find it again.  After all, once the party ended that was it, the purse would gone and I wouldn’t be able to change my mind and go back to get it.  I used to get a slight buzz of it and would only start to feel the regret once my credit card bill showed up.  I realized that I could not withstand the impulse to make purchases at these parties and I had to stop going all together.

While I was able to just say no to going to anymore purse parties I have now realized that Groupon mimics the entire scenario and tapped into one of my greatest weaknesses.  I became aware of this new problem when I sat myself in a very uncomfortable teeny tiny pocket chair that I HAD TO HAVE because it was just $9 dollars in the Groupon deals.  Thanks to Groupon, I am also am the proud owner of 3 month memberships at two different boxing gyms that I haven’t had time for, and a crappy PanDigital e-reader that I didn’t really need or truly want.  When Groupon was just a website that I had to visit to see what the deals were it didn’t impact me but now that I have a glowing green “G” app icon on my smartphone I’m conditioned to check the deals every day to make sure I’m not missing out anything.  I know there is only one way out of this, I need to delete the app from my phone BUT….. I just can’t do it.  I wonder if there is a Groupon anonymous support group I can join.   I’m caught in a web of affect – HELP.

What’s the most ridiculous Groupon purchase you ever made?

Sponged Nails: Created Through Trial and Error

Failed Attempt At Pinterest Tutorial
Every now then I come across a new finger nail tutorial I’m really excited to try out. Most recently there has been a design technique circulating on Pinterest that demonstrates a process for creating a “water color effect.” The steps outlined below were easy to follow so I decided to give it a try:
1) Paint nail white – let dry
2) Dot various polish colors onto nail
3) Put plastic wrap or a plastic bag over the nail and remove

While the tutorial seemed easy, this actually resulted in a disaster. When I removed the plastic wrap I had a mess on my hands, the colors were all over the place and the plastic actually picked up some of the base color leaving paint chips behind. I tried the process out on several nails but in the end decided I would have to go about another way of achieving the look I desired.

Following  is a picture of the Pinterest tutorial:

Successful Sponging Attempt
For my second attempt at the design I decided to try a sponging technique and followed the steps below:

1) Paint nail white – let dry
2) Sponged on layers of dark grey (Zoya, Dove ) sponged pink (Zoya, Marley) and topped with green (Butter London, Bossy Boots). I applied the colors in a linear fashion but was sure to let them overlap at points so that the colors blended together a little. (Note: I found these nail sponges at Sally Beauty Supply).
3) I added a little sparkle by applying a “Northern Lights” hologram topcoat glitter. The glitter in this polish is really fine and a single coat is almost unnoticed but I think this gives the look the perfect amount of sparkle when seen in the sunlight.
4) As usual, I finished up by applying my Seche Vite top coat.

Overall, I was really happy with the end result; sometimes it takes a little trial and error before a look will come out satisfactorily. I still hope to have something a little more “water colorish” in the future.

Are there any nail tutorials you have tried and would recommend?

Supplies Pictured Below:

Is It Too Soon For Another Spiderman Movie?

When it comes to super hero movies Hollywood likes to make a blockbuster – rake in the dough – make a couple of sequels and then rinse and repeat. After recently watching “The Amazing Spiderman” directed by Marc Webb I’m left feeling amazed that they managed to make a new movie that was JUST LIKE the 2002 series minus the “stars.” I mean after all they replaced Toby McGuire who had starring roles in movies like Pleasantville and Cider House Rules prior to starting the Spiderman series with UM, well, who is that guy in the funny costume.

I’m all for remakes when they offer something new, in fact, I’m really excited to see the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Series scheduled for release this July. This grittier series blew away the previous versions of Batman by taking a darker perspective that broke away from the campiness seen in former films. In 2013 we can look for a new Superman series to launch which will also be directed by Nolan. The last time we saw a Superman movie was in 2006 with the disastrous releases of Superman Returns and Superman II. Another remake I’m excited to see this year that is removed from the superhero genre is “Total Recall.” This film was originally made in 1990 and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. The new version looks to offer a fresh story line with A list actors and bucket loads of special effects.

With Spiderman’s suit barely back from the cleaners I’m left wondering; wasn’t it too soon to make another Spiderman movie? The former series just wrapped up in 2007 and the new version left me feeling like, UM just been there and done that and hey the previous Spiderman series was better by the way. What do you think?

Following are before and after movie trailers:

2002 Spiderman

2012 The Amazing Spiderman

1990 Total Recall

2012 Total Recall

Feeling Blue: Nail Inspiration

Following are some pictures of Blue nail designs I’d like to try some day:
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image

Deep Thoughts: Real vs Virtual Collecting

My mother has always been a collector of things in real life and has gone through a number of phases.  There was a house phase and everything in our house had houses on it, there were plates with pictures of houses, house magnets, house boarder paper and house miniatures all over the place.  Then there was a duck phase, it looked like pond threw up in our home and the ducks ran wild.  Now we are in the angel phase my dad once said “there are so many angels in our house if they ever came to life they could pick the thing up and fly away with it.”  Some collectors collect things for value but my mom collects things purely out of “like” and most things end up in the basement or at a garage sale someday.

My mom’s passion for collecting wasn’t passed on to me in the “real world” sense.  I personally can’t stand clutter and the having a bunch of random things around the house drives me nuts.  For a while I almost felt that people were imposing collecting on me.  For instance, I have a cat, so to some people that means – hmmm, Jodi has a cat so I must get her things with cats on it.  Over the years gifts to me have included random items with cats on it, I’ve received cat magnets, picture frames and t-shirts, socks ect….  Now, I don’t want to seem ungrateful but part of me just wants to tell people – Dude, just because I have a cat does not mean I want stuff with cats on it.

While I sniff at “real world” collecting, I’ve found that I have become quite addicted to virtual collecting via Pinterest.  Some of my favorite pin boards include collections of nail polish designs, do it yourself ideas, recipes and art.  I could spend hours on the site browsing and pinning away without even realizing how much time has passed.  This has made me wonder what virtual collecting offers that actual collecting doesn’t.  I think the answer is that virtual collecting offers a potential experience instead of just stuff.  For instance, I could make that recipe someday or I could paint my nails like that.  While this explains some of the boards there are others that just offer pure enjoyment like the art board or cute animal pictures board.  I guess in the end, Pinterest offers the experience of collecting as much and whatever you like without running the risk of ending up with piles of unwanted junk or sinking your well-earned wages into an army of precious moment dolls.

What’s your favorite Pinterest Pinboard?