The Groupon Trap

A few years ago I got caught up in a “fake purse” phase.  There was an outbreak of underground parties where vendors would go to a person’s house and sell knock off designer goods.  There would be dozens of tables with piles of purses and I would sift through all the items trying to find “believable” knock-offs at a great price.  Even if I didn’t want a purse I got caught up in the time sensitive pressure of the situation and the feeling that if I walk away from this great deal I will never find it again.  After all, once the party ended that was it, the purse would gone and I wouldn’t be able to change my mind and go back to get it.  I used to get a slight buzz of it and would only start to feel the regret once my credit card bill showed up.  I realized that I could not withstand the impulse to make purchases at these parties and I had to stop going all together.

While I was able to just say no to going to anymore purse parties I have now realized that Groupon mimics the entire scenario and tapped into one of my greatest weaknesses.  I became aware of this new problem when I sat myself in a very uncomfortable teeny tiny pocket chair that I HAD TO HAVE because it was just $9 dollars in the Groupon deals.  Thanks to Groupon, I am also am the proud owner of 3 month memberships at two different boxing gyms that I haven’t had time for, and a crappy PanDigital e-reader that I didn’t really need or truly want.  When Groupon was just a website that I had to visit to see what the deals were it didn’t impact me but now that I have a glowing green “G” app icon on my smartphone I’m conditioned to check the deals every day to make sure I’m not missing out anything.  I know there is only one way out of this, I need to delete the app from my phone BUT….. I just can’t do it.  I wonder if there is a Groupon anonymous support group I can join.   I’m caught in a web of affect – HELP.

What’s the most ridiculous Groupon purchase you ever made?


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