Sponged Nails: Created Through Trial and Error

Failed Attempt At Pinterest Tutorial
Every now then I come across a new finger nail tutorial I’m really excited to try out. Most recently there has been a design technique circulating on Pinterest that demonstrates a process for creating a “water color effect.” The steps outlined below were easy to follow so I decided to give it a try:
1) Paint nail white – let dry
2) Dot various polish colors onto nail
3) Put plastic wrap or a plastic bag over the nail and remove

While the tutorial seemed easy, this actually resulted in a disaster. When I removed the plastic wrap I had a mess on my hands, the colors were all over the place and the plastic actually picked up some of the base color leaving paint chips behind. I tried the process out on several nails but in the end decided I would have to go about another way of achieving the look I desired.

Following  is a picture of the Pinterest tutorial:

Successful Sponging Attempt
For my second attempt at the design I decided to try a sponging technique and followed the steps below:

1) Paint nail white – let dry
2) Sponged on layers of dark grey (Zoya, Dove ) sponged pink (Zoya, Marley) and topped with green (Butter London, Bossy Boots). I applied the colors in a linear fashion but was sure to let them overlap at points so that the colors blended together a little. (Note: I found these nail sponges at Sally Beauty Supply).
3) I added a little sparkle by applying a “Northern Lights” hologram topcoat glitter. The glitter in this polish is really fine and a single coat is almost unnoticed but I think this gives the look the perfect amount of sparkle when seen in the sunlight.
4) As usual, I finished up by applying my Seche Vite top coat.

Overall, I was really happy with the end result; sometimes it takes a little trial and error before a look will come out satisfactorily. I still hope to have something a little more “water colorish” in the future.

Are there any nail tutorials you have tried and would recommend?

Supplies Pictured Below:


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