Magic Mike Inspired Memory

I recently had a girls night out and my friends and I went to see “Magic Mike” a movie about a 30 something stripper coming to terms with the realities and disadvantages of his lifestyle.  The movie itself was just ok but no one can deny that this film’s value was mostly held in the eye candy that it had to offer.  The film had me reminiscing about my own experience with visiting a male strip club in my early 20’s when I was also going through a turning point of sorts.

Back then was just a humble shoe girl working a summer job at Kohl’s and spent my days fetching boxes from the back stock room and making sure everything on the floor was neat and orderly.  What could have been a very dull job was actually a great deal of fun since I was working with a bunch of other kids my age.  My shoe world BFF, Jenny,  was arranging a road trip to Wisconsin to visit a adult male venue at a place called the Sugar Shack.  When Jenny approached me with the idea I was initially hesitant but had recently gone through a break up with my very first long-term boyfriend so figured I was up for a little excitement that might take my mind off things.

The strip club offered much of the same “entertainment” value that was seen in the Magic Mike movie.  There were group performances and individual acts that provided a very “theatrical” experience.  I seem to remember that a policeman and fireman played a very important part of the show.  My favorite and most memorable part was when our waiter had me take off his shirt which I got to keep as a souvenir.  I still have that shirt to this day and for the past 10+ years it’s had a place tucked away in the back of my closet –  I just can’t seem to part with it.  It’s not the strip club itself that was really memorable but the whole experience reminds me of a simpler time in life when there was less responsibility, more time for friends and adventure.

Sugar Shack souvenir shirt seen below:


One thought on “Magic Mike Inspired Memory

  1. I really want to see that movie, too! I know, I’ve heard it wasn’t as good as it was supposed to be, but I still want to see it. And, ha ha ha ha ha – that’s so funny you reference the Sugar Shack! My mom lives (and I grew up) about 5 minutes away from the Sugar Shack off of Highway 50 in Lake Geneva.

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