Fourth of July Nails

What better way to celebrate America’s birthday with a simple fourth of July nail design.  To show my spirit, I sported a red, white and blue polka dot / glitter design.  I used Butter London’s “Blagger” blue (a favorite) and “Chancer” red glitter to create this look.

I almost went without doing a design for the fourth at all but found myself with extra time on hands thanks to the weird day of the week for this holiday.  Just about everything at work was canceled, I haven’t seen my calendar this clear since last Christmas.  Meetings that were scheduled months in advance were suddenly called off without explanation.  People called in sick with sudden stomach viruses or in one particular case someone called in claiming to have issues with here eye glasses so she were unable to work since she couldn’t see anything – really people!

With a trip to Vegas coming up in my near future I decided to push through and work the entire week only to find myself feeling a little disgruntled and unmotivated.  Luckily we were released early the day before the fourth so…. since happy nails make for a happy girl, I decided to use the down time to my advantage.  Following are the steps for this look:

1) Base coat – I usually don’t mention that I do a base coat but decided to call this to attention since this is a VERY Important step.  With a good base your polish will stay on longer AND most importantly it will help keep your nails from turning yellow.   I learned this the hard way!  My favorite base coat is made by Seche Vite.  I’ve tried cheaper ones but discovered they do not do as good a job.  To be honest, this is an area that could use more research since I have heard that there are “sticky” base coats that work really well.
2) Applied two coats of the the red and blue Butter London colors.
3) Used a dotting tool to add the polka dots.
4) Applied Seche Vite top coat

There you have it, a very simple look that can be interchanged with any colors to suit any occasion.

On another note, did you all hear about the San Diego fireworks debacle?  Apparently they accidentally set off all the fireworks at same time in the beginning of the show.  Check out the following you tube video to watch the most anticlimactic fireworks show ever:


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