Uber Good (Taxi App)

Have you ever gone to an event only to find yourself stuck outside afterwards among masses of people fighting for a taxi?  It’s a completely miserable experience especially when you’re tired or the weather really stinks.   Some friends and I went through the familiar taxi hassle after a concert let out this weekend.  After trying to catch a cab for over a half hour we gave up and hitched a ride off of an 18 year old kid who was on his way home from work.  Luckily he wasn’t a psycho and we weren’t psycho’s and everyone made out of the situation ok but the aggravation of  trying to catch a ride left us wondering what we were going to do the next day after a second concert event.

One of my friends told me about an app called Uber, apparently she used it a couple of weeks ago during free taxi cab week and took taxi rides all over the city for free.  I wasn’t buying it, it sounded good to be true but after our next concert event was out my friends and I once again found ourselves in a desperate situation and decided to give it a try.  I started by entering my name and credit card information into the app.  Once I had access, I was able to easily see where the cabs were on a GPS map and call one to me with a click of a button.  The app sent me automatic texts to let me know when the cab would be there and I was able to follow it on my Iphone.   Once the driver was close he called me for further instructions on where to find me and few short minutes later we were swept up in the comfort of a well air conditioned techie cab.   Overall, it took about 15 minutes for the cab to get to us.  Once we were dropped off at our destination, my credit card was automatically charged so I didn’t have to worry about paying in cash and a receipt showed up in my e-mail like magic.

I wouldn’t recommend using the Uber app for every cab occasion (they do charge 20% gratuity automatically) but in this case it really worked out for us and I was very pleased with the experience.


1 thought on “Uber Good (Taxi App)

  1. I really like this post. For safety reasons, it’s good to know you have a way home in case you are having car problems, or maybe a date that has gone wrong. I did check to see if it’s available out in the suburbs of Chicago, but no such luck. Sounds like a great business idea!

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