Neon Nails

In celebration of Chicago’s Wavefront Music Fest, I went with a glittery “Neon Nail” design this week.  This was an easy look to create but the hardest part was getting the color scheme right.  Luckily, I recently purchased a set of Claire’s sweet scented mini polishes which were complimentary in color so that really helped me accomplish this look.   (BTW once the polish is applied it stinks like usual so don’t by into the sweet scent business).

Steps Followed:
1) Applied white pearl polish (Loreal Brand) – let dry
2) Painted on nail tips free-hand, alternating colors
3) Used a nail art polish to draw a dark pink line over the bottom of the tip to hide the trouble spots
4) Last steps, applied glitter polish – let dry and finished up with my favorite top coat, Seche Vite

Note: When tipping your nails, templates are very useful to help you get a clean line.  I usually find some tip guides on e-bay for a reasonable price.

Picture of supplies I used provided below:

Here are some cool photos from the fest:


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