Meow You Doin?

Cats, love em or hate em they are here to stay.  Personally, I’m on the love side.  They are independent, fiercely loyal, stalk – kill and eat bugs; what’s not to love?  I’ll never forget the first time I won the affections of a cat.  It was a wild thing running around our neighborhood and then one day I was hanging out in the yard and it jumped in my lap and just cuddled up.  We quickly became besties and spent a great deal of time together.  Let’s take a moment to appreciate our fury feline friends.

Tell me “Meow You Doin” and share your favorite cat moment.


6 thoughts on “Meow You Doin?

  1. I have an awesome cat who is a gigantic lovable jerk. I mean that in the nicest way possible. She was a rescue cat and she has separation anxiety so basically every time I leave she destroys something precious to me in a fantastically adorable way (example: pulling stuffing out of my living room chair and getting covered in it in the process). She has also ripped out some of my eyebrows in an attempt to wake me up when she’s decided I’ve slept too long. It’s incredibly weird. Anyway, I’m glad to see someone else appreciating cats as much as I do!

    • Hi Kerrie, I have a cat with “issues” as well. She will chew up toliet paper rolls, eat my flip flops and for along time used to wake me up in the middle of the night by running around the house and jumping up the walls. She’s getting on in years now and has mellowed out a bit – thank goodness.

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