Fun In Fitness

I recently started taking a new class at the gym called Latin Fusion (which may be Zumba in disguise). So far it has been blast and has the atmosphere of a dance club rather than a workout. As a newbie, I have safely taken up residence in the back of the room where I won’t suffer the humiliation of tripping all over myself in front of others as I learn the dance moves. This has also given me a better opportunity to observe the other gym goers.  I realized that the front of the class, even though that’s were you have the best view of the instructor, is no place I want to be.  This is where the professional dancers go, meaning they dress the part, whoop and holler, and you have to be able to move in a way that a seizure can’t compete with.  The middle of the class is a somewhat of a safe zone but this is where all the regulars are and you will usually find them in a similar spot in each time.  Yes, for now the back is the safest with the oldies, slackers and other newbies.  I just have to be cautious not to stand next to anther newbie to avoid collisions on turns.

One of the oddities of this class is that there is a wide range of participants from the very old, to very young and there is a healthy participation from both men and women. The instructor is even a male and – believe me ladies – he can put most booty shakin females to shame with his moves. I have even watched this happened since in each class someone will jump up on the instructor platform to challenge him to a dance off only to find themselves shamed in the end.  The music is really loud and current which helps to invoke the hips.  I’m glad I took this class despite my reservations against having a male instructor, this was  a good reminder to mix things up every once a while cause there can be fun in fitness and you never know where you will find it.

If your wondering what Zumba is, check out this video to see a class in action:


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