Beige Lattice Nails

My nail design of the week features a neutral beige color called Yummy Mummy from the Butter London collection.  This color has quickly become one of my favorite’s of the summer and is perfect for virtually any occasion.  This was a great fit for me this week since I have a work outing and wanted a fun design that was slightly on the conservative side.  To spice up the manicure I created a lattice pattern on the thumb and ring fingers by putting the beige against a white backdrop.  The steps I followed to create this look are provided below:

Supplies needed for this design included: Scissors, nail tape, a dotting tool, beige and white polish.

After applying a base coat and shaping the nails I applied the beige and white colors then let dry

Next, I tapped off the white nails to create my desired lattice effect

I then painted two coats of the beige color over the tapped nail

I quickly removed the tape before the polish could dry.

To break up the harshness of the white lines I used my dotting tool to add beige dots to where the lines intersected

To wrap things up I added a coat of Seche Vite to give it a glassy impenetrable finish and called it a day.


4 thoughts on “Beige Lattice Nails

  1. Great job! I really appreciate the frequency of the pictures. I’ve seen this technique on Pinterest for a while now and they always leave out a few crucial pictures when going through the how-to process. I now feel that I can complete this look successfully. Thanks!

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