Funky Mustache Nails, In Honor of Dad

Mustaches are in vogue again, I see them everywhere, and not just on people but on stuff.  In today’s world you can purchase mustache coffee mugs, band aids, necklaces, t-shirts and more.  In the month of November you will see an outbreak of mustaches throughout the U.S. thanks to Movember, which helps raise funds and awareness for men’s health.  This week’s nail design features a funky mustache theme in honor of my dad.  While mustaches are trendy these days my dad has staid true to his fury friend throughout most of his life.

My dad without the mustache would be like the statue of Liberty without her torch or Misses Butterworth without the syrup, it just wouldn’t be right.  During my childhood, I remember he shaved it off once and that memory has burned itself into my brain as any traumatic event would.  The experience of seeing my dad without his mustache was too strange and my family  was relieved when the fury creature started to reappear a couple of week’s later.  I don’t know if the trendiness of mustaches will last but I do know that as long as my dad can grow facial hair the mustache will always have a place in my life.

To create this week’s nail design I followed the steps below:
1) Painted Nails Silver – let dry
2) Taped off bottom of nail and painted the top hot pink – let dry
3) Used a mustache stamping plate (found on e-bay for $5) to apply mustache
4) Used silver glitter nail art pen to apply dots.


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