Embracing My Inner Gym Rat

After five years of being a dedicated XSport member, I decided to quit the gym and start working out at home.  I thought it would be great, I’d be able to exercise whenever I wanted and save myself the monthly fees.  Afterall,  I had grown bored of having the same teachers and group fitness classes all the time.  I didn’t realize my mistake till about, 6 months and 20 pounds later.  In the beginning, I was really committed to the home fitness.  I had stocked up on Beachbody and Jillian Michael DVDs and started going for nice afternoon jogs in my neighborhood.  Looking back I realized that the fall out  happened gradually.  I started swapping hour-long intense gym workouts for half hour low impact videos.  On days when I was super busy with work and school I’d sacrifice the workout all together.  Next thing you know, the only exercise I was getting involved pressing buttons on the TV remote.

The panic set in a few months ago when I realized that even my “fat jeans” had grown tight.  I started looking for ways of getting back on the wagon.  I tried committing to online workouts, doing the Beachbody DVD series again, going for afternoon runs but I didn’t commit, the workout routines didn’t stick and the boredom of working out at home was excruciating.  I finally came to my senses and realized I had to get my slightly bigger booty back to the gym and start embracing my inner gym rat again.  I converted from XSport to Lifetime paying twice the dues so that I could have a fresh set of classes and teachers.  I’ve been going to the new gym consistently for two weeks now and have really taken the time to consider what it is about the gym that works so well for me:

1) Financial Commitment:  You can bet that I want to get my money’s worth and I’ve carefully considered how much I’m paying per class deciding that I need to go a minimum of three times a week to get the bang for my buck.

2) People:  When there are other people around I work out harder. It’s motivating to be surrounded by others who are committed to putting all of their energy into a routine.

3) Schedule:  It’s easier for me to commit to working out when I know I have to be there at a certain time to make class.

4) Variety:  Mixing up workout routines by taking a variety of classes and doing machine work is important in keeping me away from gym burnout.

The good news is my jeans are feeling a tiny bit looser these days and I’ve discovered some new classes that are fresh and fun that will keep me going back for more. Hopefully this post will serve as a future reminder to myself to NOT give up on the gym.


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