The 50 Shades of Grey Obsession

“Why is ok for my wife to read her porn out in the open by the pool, but I have to hide in a dark room somewhere and watch it on the internet.” This is a comment I recently read in my Facebook news feed in reference to the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” by EL James, a British author. I first heard of this novel through a 20/20 episode and listened to the interviewer ask questions like “why is there so much sex in this book.” Before I knew it, I was overhearing comments about the novel everywhere I went, in the office, at the gym, in the salon. I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to see what all the fuss was about. A few short days later I had read all three books in the series and learned a few things about kinky sex. It was hard not to when the formula for the novel went something like this: Story, Story, Sex, Sex, Kinky Sex, Story, Sex, Sex, Kinky Sex. These novels go well beyond romance and into erotica.

What’s truly interesting, is that both men and women are so open about the fact that they are reading these kinky novels. My sister was recently on a flight to New Orleans was asked on a date by the man sitting next to her who had been reading the 50 Shades book throughout the entire flight. Soon after I heard about this, much to my dismay, I learned that my mom, dad and boss were all reading them too – OMG! It’s really amusing when people who don’t know much about the books start asking for feedback about them on Facebook, “Is 50 shades any good?” and “Does someone have a copy of 50 Shades I can borrow.” Really, if they knew any better, they wouldn’t ask for reviews since it’s sort of along the lines of asking for a critique on porn or to borrow someone’s dirty video. All jokes aside, once you get over all the shocking sex stuff, I found the story pretty enjoyable, the characters were fascinating. The book is good brain candy or, perhaps for some, inspiration for spicing things up. A question that really lingers with me goes back to the Facebook comment I mentioned in the beginning, is reading these books an example of something that should be private but perhaps has become overly public?


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